Embrace the ‘Moss’

Who would think that moss could be so beautiful. Up until recently, I have always been so frustrated with moss. Once it starts to grow, it seems impossible to get rid of.  Our yard gets moss every year around this time and the bricks begin to look green rather than the reddish color that we get so used to during the summer. I’ve tried to dry it out, scrape it etc. but then I realized one day that it is quite lovely. I mean, “hello?” it’s natural and pretty!

My discovery came when I was taking a picture of a succulent arrangement that I had just made and set it out on the bricks in the back to take the shot. What I realized was that the mossy bricks with some sunlight cast on them and the arrangement sitting in the middle was quite special. Now, with a new perspective, I’ve gone back out into the yard and looked at the bricks and can’t believe I was trying to get rid of it. I love the natural and real feel of  the  yard. The moss essentially reminds us of what season we are in. The sun casts lower in our yard during the fall and we get the beautiful gift of an intricate, natural green carpet on certain areas of our old brick.

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