El Segundo Plaza – festive arrangements and cool iron art

Maybe it’s just me but I have noticed cyclamens being used a lot this year for holiday botanical displays. Recently, at El Segundo plaza I noticed the beautiful displays of red a white cyclamens in the concrete pots outside the shops. Once I had taken the pictures I decided to stroll around the rest of the plaza to capture the unique iron art they have displayed throughout the property. 

Designed by world-renowned father and son sculptors Phillip and Chad Glashoff.

This piece of art truly amazed me. I have gone to The Veggie Grill countless times and never noticed that this wasn’t a real tree. It blends in so well. My daughter kept on playing with the reeds around the base of the tree and something made me look up. When I did, I noticed that this tree is made entirely of iron. Right down to the small leaves. What a beautiful piece of art, and outside of my favorite restaurant too!

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