Torrey Pines and Legoland

This year my family and I completed our second year tradition which was to stay at Torrey Pines new years eve and visit Legoland for new years day. The botany both at Torrey Pines and Legoland were incredible. I guess the 80 degree temps have been doing the plants well!

Happy new years to  you. May 2012 be filled with lots of laughs, beautiful blooms and hip greens!

The beautiful croquet area at Torry Pines. Beyond the  trees is the 18th hole of the Torrey Pines golf course.

The beautiful aged brickwork surrounding the pool and stair area with vines crawling up through the cracks.

The yummiest gingerbread house I’ve ever seen!

Zebras grazing in ice plant on the Safari ride at Legoland.

Lego snake slithering through the grass. Easy to miss!

Lego panda mamma and baby playing in the bamboo.

The singing rock group in the grasses. They were singing “We will rock you”!


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