A Jungle themed baby shower

Recently, some friends and I hosted a baby shower for a mommy-to be at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. We decided to go for a sweet jungle theme which was quite easy to work with. Lucky for me, my lovely teacher; Michael Gaffney assisted me in making flower choices the day before….!


Elephants walked down the center of the table each filled  with a bird of paradise and sprig of pink alstromeria to make the look a bit more delicate. Bear grass accented each arrangement and looked like water spraying out the sides of the elephant. Each elephant had pink and green tea leaves in front and behind them to act as tracks and lengthen the arrangement on the table. Pink anthuriums accented the table in various spots.

Champagne bar with wrapped leaf accent

Giraffe vase with orchids, pink and green tea leaves, 3 shoots of bamboo and a palm frond

Photos by Dana Maione

6 thoughts on “A Jungle themed baby shower

    • Hi Sylvia, thank you for your comment! I got the elephants at World Market. They are actually tea pots but worked well!

      • Hi Jeanne,
        Thank you sooo much for the info. Those centerpiences are going to be perfect. We’re having our shower at a restaurat, as well, ad there will be small table rounds. So, I’m thinking of a couple of those big leafs placed under the teapot arrangment. Since I live in Los Angeles, I’m on a mission to find the tea pots in the downtown area and/or Chinatown. I’m sure I can save a few dollars per item. Do you recall how much they were at World Market. Also, since the tea pot is not too deep, did you use something at the bottom (not sure what that green stuff is that is placed in certain flower arrangements) to secure the flowers so they wouldn’t fall out? Besides water.

      • Hi Sylvia,
        The teapots were in the $15 range. I have been able to re-use them for several different things so they were worth the cost.
        Regarding depth of teapot, I was able to keep the flowers in by cutting the stems pretty low without having to use floral foam. I try my best use the product as little as possible since it is not an environmentally friendly. You can also use a leaf and fold it in a creative way in the mouth of the pot and then set the flowers over the leaf.
        Here is a link to some cool tropical foliage you might consider. http://www.heliconias.net/heliconiasfoliagecollection.html#
        Good luck with your project! I’d love to see pictures!

      • Hi Jeanne, thank you again for the tips. I had an absolute blast at the The Los Angeles Flower Mart. At least I know exactly where to go for tropical foliage, and the best time to get there. Anytime between 6am-11am. It will be worth it. I will definitely send you pics of final product. Thanks again. Sylvia

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