The intriguing Living Desert – Palm Desert, CA

The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California is truly a special place to go. In fact, it appears to be somewhat of a hidden secret. It’s tucked away a little off the main drag and is acres and acres of native flowers, plants and animals. Not all animals are native, some are actually rescued and being rehabilitated. The environments for the animals are beautiful and you can see that these creatures are leading a dignified and happy life out there.

There is so many things to see and do and there are always new additions. Recently they added a discovery center powered by solar cells. Ant farms to look at, wind tunnel simulators and even a sloth skeleton.

Outside you can take a quick hike and look through device that clearly outlines the San Andreas fault. It’s really cool.

Because I was trying to enjoy my time and not being completely camera happy I don’t have loads of pics. I did get some though so please enjoy!

Yes, that is a jaguar and yes, she was that close to us!!!!

Did I forget to mention the ridiculously intricate and amazing remote-controlled train set they have. I’m not an enthusiast so I don’t know but I doubt there are many like it in the world. Surely, some may come just to see this in all its’ charm and complexity. These pictures don’t do it justice.

Cotton Silk Tree – weird right?

If you can, don’t miss visiting this place. You won’t be disappointed.

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