Earth Day 2012

What is the definition of guerilla gardening? It is the seeding of useful plants in public places. Today is Earth Day and to celebrate I have joined the LAGG. The LAGG is the Los Angeles Guerilla Gardening organization. They are a team of dedicated gardeners whose goal is to seek out waste-laden and uncared for public property and make them beautiful by planting trees, shrubs and herbs.

It is an underground movement since most of the projects they complete are from applications sent in by local residents that have been turned down by the government to have areas in their neighborhood planted. Some of the projects are just requests by individuals that look at areas near their work or home that have become garbage collection areas and are completely unloved.

The guerilla gardening movement is a perfect subject for Earth Day. To learn more about the movement and international projects check out: There are really interesting pictures, projects and ideas.

(via LAGG)

LAGG teaching Torrance Girl Scouts how to make seed bombs.









A girl plants tomatoes between two busy streets! (via


Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2012

  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this idea! I must be sheltered because I’ve never heard of it but I just adore the concept! It makes me want to run around my town with a shovel and a pocket full of seeds and look for “empty” dirt! How wonderful!

  2. I love the idea! What a great and easy thing to do. Kaitlyn and I may have to start “sprucing” up Orlando…how fun!!

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