Unusual, edible and pretty – Muscari!

Muscari is a purpleish-blue color, fragrant flower often known as grape hyacinth in the US. It goes  under the species (M. comosum).   These are edible, flowering,  plants that are native to the Mediterranean.  The buds of these plants are used in Mediterranean food and Southern Italian cooking. As mentioned on Livestrong.com,  “Muscari flowers feature a sweet,  nut like flavor, while the bulb tastes like  a slightly bitter onion and garlic hybrid.” It is also noted you can grill, broil or pickle the buds. *Sidenote: Be sure to find the right species if you are going to eat them!

So not only are these flowers an interesting addition to your cooking repertoire but they have a beautiful fragrance that is often turned into perfume oil. One of my favorite candles right now is Voluspa’s Muscari candle. It smells amazing!

(via facetnation)

(via weheartit)

I managed to find white muscari which is quite uncommon! They are not as fragrant as the blue/purple flowers but I think they are equally beautiful. 

milkweed and maple

milkweed and maple

(top picture of muscari from livestrong.com)

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