Fancy and fancier tulips

Honestly, I had no idea how many fancy varietals of tulips there were out there. I was reading a blog that I follow in Paris and couldn’t believe the gorgeous Virichic tulip.

So, according to Wiki, there are over 150 species of tulips. They are often categorized into 1 of 15 groups. Usually they are categorized depending on when they bloom but of course they also categorize based on certain visual qualities as well. For example, Group 8 are called Viridiflora tulips. The word Viridiflora is derived from two Latin words: viridis meaning green and flow meaning flower. All Viridiflora Tulips have a streak of green somewhere on each petal. I think they are my new favorite!

Another interesting sub group is the Class 10 which is the Parrott tulip category. They are so ruffly, dainty and unusual looking! They also have really interesting colors and often can surprise you with additional pops of color as they bloom! I just did an arrangement with them last week. I had bought the tulips for a green and white arrangement  but realized as they opened up that they had a fair amount of pink so I changed course and made my Parrot Tulip Succulent Wreath!

Blush pink and soft green Parrot tulips with pink hued succulent (milkweed and maple)

If I talked about each category, I would never have enough time to get out and play with some flowers so I will end after talking about Tulip group 8 and 10. Only 13 more groups to go! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Peach and green Parrot tulips

(via garden party)

Simple blush tulips

(photo: Elizabeth Messina)

Orange tipped ruby Parrot tulips

(photo: Anna Routh Photography)

*Top image: Fuscia and green Virichic tulips blooming in Parc Floral de Paris (via Paris Cote Jardin- photo Alain Delavie)

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