Anthurium anyone?

I recently spent a week in Maui and was amazed at how predominant anthuriums were in arrangements and  as a landscape flower. I had prepared myself for copious hibiscus flowers. Not the case. Although hibiscus are the states’ flower and anthurium are actually not native to the area, they still reign supreme.

The reason anthuriums may be so popular may be because of their endurance in arrangements compared to hibiscus flowers which wilt almost as soon as they are cut. It also may be that anthuriums are very strong, rigid flowers that are easy to work with. 

      (Anthuriums, yellow orchids and galax leaves – Spago 4 Seasons Maui) 

Anthuriums were introduced to the Hawaiian Islands in 1889 by Samuel Damon. The flower, native to the wet forests on the western slopes of the Andes in southern Columbia grows easily in the humid, warm and similar Hawaiian environment.

(Anthurium garden – Fairmont Kea Lani – Maui)

They are a polarizing flower. Some love ’em, some really don’t love ’em. Some say they look, uh, well, I’ll leave that alone.

Probably my most favorite newly discovered flower is featured in the photo right. It is called Zingiber Spectabile. Also know as ‘Golden Beehive’ or ‘Beehive Ginger’ This arrangement was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui. I was so fascinated by the pretty yellow flower. One of the local people told me to tap on the top of the flower. When you do, a beautiful, gingery-honey fragrance is emitted. The ‘Golden Beehive’ originates from Malaysia. It lasts as a cut flower for up to a couple of months and as it gets older it changes from bright yellow to deep red. 

(Kangaroo paw, Beehive Ginger, yellow orchids – Fairmont Kea Lani)

I’ve also included a slideshow. The flora and fauna was so pretty and I couldn’t leave these pictures out. You’ll notice that anthuriums everywhere!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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