Magnolias, so sumptuous!

At the park with my daughter the other day I was looking up and noticed a tree that was in full bloom with the most enormous flowers I’ve seen in a long time. This was obviously a very mature tree because it was really, really tall. The blooms had to be closer to the size of basketballs than baseballs. Honestly.

This was a white magnolia tree in full bloom. How I wished I could get some of those blooms off. Since the tree is so high I don’t think most people get to observe the beauty of beauty of the blooms. Well, I guess the birds enjoy them?

There are about 80 species of magnolias and they range in color from purple-lilac to buttery yellow. Sometimes used for sumptuous weddings (the Royals like magnolias) and often used as a flower of sympathy.

I’m now on a quest to get a hold of some of these beautiful blooms and design with them. Right now I’ll just have to look up at the trees!

                                     (via kaitlinmanning on

Left to right: muffet via flickr, via pinterest, via pinterest)

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