A mix of things today

I have a few things to share today.

First, I wanted to share a photo and give you an update on my guerrilla gardening project that I did about 4 months ago. If you remember, my neighbors had this little chunk of dirt in the front of their house (public sidewalk) that basically collected cigarette butts, trash and hair. Gross right. So I planted it thinking that once they saw how nice it was to have plants in front of their house they’d start taking care of them. Well……they happily found a new place for their dogs to pee. And man do those dogs like to pee on succulents:0 Funny thing though is that these plants amazingly can withstand dog pee. The paddle succulent is even blooming! So they don’t look as gorgeous as they could but they are still alive so that is a gift in itself. I guess I’ll have to continue taking care of this little plot of land until a renter comes in that loves plants and flowers like I do.



Next thing I wanted to share was this lovely little bouquet of genestra, statis and a lily bud that I made today. I know my cat is a fan.


And finally, this darling snowflake lily that has just sprung up in my backyard. Don’t they look like perfect little fairy flowers?!


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