Shabby chic – flowers for a summer table

I had fun arranging today. The first arrangement is a shabby chic, summer garden look. The colors are fun and feminine and the chocolate cosmos are fun suprise. I posted a few shots because I couldn’t get just one that embodied the arrangement.

And I’m so crazy about dahlias I just had to have these gals when I was in the store. I used up my leftover cosmos and alstibe and added a few scabiosa pods.

I couldn’t help include the last arrangement, primarily because I’m in awe of how beautiful the color of the hydrangeas are. The photo doesn’t do them any justice!

Rogers Gardens – Corona del Mar

By sheer coincidence I ran across the most extensive and incredible garden center I have ever been in my entire life. I was so overwhelmed it took me a while to realize I should take some pictures to share. Honestly, this place has something for everyone. The staff was really nice and the experience was pretty much perfect. If you ever find yourself in the OC area, you have to go. This place has EVERYTHING!!!!

I didn’t get to take a pic of the yummy lunch I had. The Soho Taco truck was there for the weekend. Delicious!

Shabby chic – bouquet garni

Is it just me or is this just the prettiest little mini-arrangement?

The translation from French to English is garnished bouquet. It is a small bunch of herbs tied together and used as flavouring for soups, fish, stews or casseroles. There is no particular herbs that are required to be in a bouquet garni but often they will include a bay leaf, parsley stalks, rosemary and some sprigs of thyme.

They are lovely used in cooking but equally as lovely thrown into a glass and set on a summer kitchen table. The aromas from the herbs are so fresh and clean and interesting and can add life to a room.

To tie the herbs together you can use burlap straps, baking twine or even a pretty little ribbon.



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A modern take on garden herbs

Well it is the season. Herbs are popping up in backyards everywhere. It’s always so pleasant to have a bunch of fragrant herbs on display in your home to bring yummy smells and remind us of the season!

I’ve always put herbs into tins, glass milk bottles and sometimes drinking glasses but today I mixed it up a bit and put some of the herbs from my backyard in a uber modern Chive vessel. Fun!

(left to right: Curry Plant, English Lavender, Oregano and Rosemary)

I’ve captured some nice garden herb arrangements to get you thinking about summer!

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Beautiful winter arrangements

I was blown away when I received the Olive and Cocoa catalog a few weeks back and saw their beautiful winter floral arrangements. I can’t decide what appeals to me more, the amazing, natural vessels that the arrangements come in or the actual flowers and organic pieces that are placed  in the containers. Either way, I love all the arrangements and wanted to share them with you. What is your favorite?


(All images from Olive and Cocoa website:

Thanksgiving herb display

Today I got my weekly basket of organic fruits and veggies delivered from Fresh Farm To You. As usual, the produce is amazing and has so much flavor. I love how the selection is truly representative of the season here in California. 

I unpacked it and assembled it so you can see it’s contents: butternut squash, celery, bok choi, beets, leeks and herb sprig.










They included a beautiful sprig of traditional Thanksgiving day herbs: thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano. I assembled them and put them in this square table top vase from Floral Art. Then I added 3 fresh cranberries staked. Lastly I added a small pumpkin from the pumpkin tree branches I have.

Last picture is the beautiful cranberries and Bosc pears that were included in the box.