Day 5 – Give to receive

My gift to myself and our family this year was to invest in a local, organic fruit and veggie farm in the Capay valley. I’ve been getting boxes bi-weekly for almost two years and they are truly an amazing farm, and family. Best produce I’ve ever tasted.

Read their story and learn more about the Green Loan program: 


Flora Farm Kitchen (Flora Gardens)

While in Cabo, I ventured out to San Jose del Cabo to visit a very special place called Flora Farm Kitchen. This charming and functional farm does not use genetically modified seeds and has been pesticide free for almost 10 years now. The animals raised for consumption are provided a humane existence and are fed no hormones or antibiotics.

Originally, just a farm, this property now offers a Field Kitchen, Field Bar and the Flora Grocery. They also have an art gallery displaying beautiful work from local artisans. Interestingly, they also have 10 culinary cottages for sale. For more info check out:

It’s  a bit of a bumpy ride to get out to the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains where Floras Farm exists but totally worth the ride. This special farm sits sort of like an oasis in the desert. I arrived at this lovely little farm at dusk and the sky was lit up in a peachy pink hue. The string bistro lights twinkled as I was guided to a cozy and rustic table right in the middle of the farm! Flowers bloomed everywhere and a local farm dog; Rex roamed freely from table to table picking up delicious scraps.

Floras farm offers a true ‘farm’ to table dining experience. Since the only items that are offered are what’s in season, they use boards that change weekly instead of traditional menus. (I ate ricotta and field tomato crostini with fresh basil and an amazing Margherita pizza).

Above left was just the pizza board and right was the amazing jazz musician that was playing up on a bale of hay.

Gorgeous and simple fresh-cut flowers adorn the property everywhere. Some of the flowers are recycled and fed to the chickens once they wilt. Apparently, the chickens like to peck at the seeds.

It’s hard to see but in the back of this picture but there was the most gorgeous 50’s style garden chairs in different colors scattered all over the property creating ‘chat spots’.

Look at this culinary masterpiece made at Floras Kitchen. The offered desert was Key Lime when I was there but this looks pretty good!

Ok, so that was my visit to Floras Farm. Did I mention how much I liked it?

It was such a special place it’s almost worth a trip to Mexico just to visit it.

(last image from

Thanksgiving herb display

Today I got my weekly basket of organic fruits and veggies delivered from Fresh Farm To You. As usual, the produce is amazing and has so much flavor. I love how the selection is truly representative of the season here in California. 

I unpacked it and assembled it so you can see it’s contents: butternut squash, celery, bok choi, beets, leeks and herb sprig.










They included a beautiful sprig of traditional Thanksgiving day herbs: thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano. I assembled them and put them in this square table top vase from Floral Art. Then I added 3 fresh cranberries staked. Lastly I added a small pumpkin from the pumpkin tree branches I have.

Last picture is the beautiful cranberries and Bosc pears that were included in the box.