Lookin sharp

At the nursery I took a few shots of some interesting agaves and aloes. There is one I just can’t remember the name. It’s the mystery plant.

For most images I listed the common or ‘pet’ name as opposed to the botanical name. The real names are too tricky and hard to remember and the pet names are pretty cute:)

IMG_3622 IMG_3625 IMG_3623 IMG_3626 IMG_3624 IMG_3627

Happy Equinox from a cat, penguin and bunny!

We’ve reached the day with the shortest amount of light, now our days will start to get brighter again! We are officially half way through winter. I don’t have a great shot to represent this special day but I do have a pic that may put a smile on your face. Totally unrelated to flowers or plants but I have to put it up.

My daughter; Maddie had a concert in our family last night and Peonca (cat), Douglas (penguin) and Bunny Foo Foo had to be dressed for the occasion. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she went up and down the stairs picking their perfect outfits and assembled them on the chair. She would whisper “One, Two, Three !!!! Go.” They were singing Frosty the Snowman with her.

I can’t bring myself to move them off the chair. So they remain….


Happy Equinox:)