Happy Summer!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m gathering pics and doing projects but couldn’t miss posting today. I know summer solstice technically arrived yesterday at 10:04 pm but I’m still going to wish you a Happy Summer today! I read somewhere that a good ritual for summer solstice is to consolidate your energy. I like that tip.


Spring greens and whites

I have been so bad about posting lately but not because there’s a lack of beautiful flowers out there! I’ve seen so many pretty flowers recently and love the spring greens and whites that are popping up everywhere.

Here are a few inspiration shots I’ve found…2012_28_573$!400x






Nerine lilies

I have never really seen Nerine lilies up until a couple of weeks ago. They’re beautiful. True ‘mini’ versions of the traditional big lilies you see everywhere. Before they bloom, they look like they could be pink irises.

I had some left over from the shower last week so I just put them in the turquoise jar below. I found some other pretty pics of these beauties too.

1) milkweed and maple

 2) Posted by Lauren Bernley onto Pinterest

3) http://stemflowers.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/pink-nerine-bouquet1.jpg

4) mayesh.com