Guerilla garden project #1 – Succulent garden

A lovely beach condo with a not so lovely patch of dirt in the front.

Pretty gross stuff started collecting in that little dirt spot: trash, cigarette butts, clumps of hair:0

So I decided to help out. I went to the nursery and picked up some succulents, cactus dirt and rocks. I got everything planned out and when they were at work I confronted the dirty dirt pile.

I cleared out all the butts and nasties from the pile and laid down cactus mix over the dirt. I used a shovel and tried to mix the old dirt with new.

Then I planted making sure to leave room for the succulents to grow and not overcrowd each other.

Lastly, I poured rocks throughout the plants, covering all exposed dirt and gave the whole thing a thorough watering.

Voila! Guerilla Gardening Project #1 – Complete! I hope my neighbors like it!

3 thoughts on “Guerilla garden project #1 – Succulent garden

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  2. This is lovely – what a difference a small spot can make in the whole atmosphere. It’s very inspiring for me ’cause I’m not a “gardener” and I can actually imagine being able to do this! The pictures help very much. Thank you.

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