Every day flower competition

I was invited to participate in Mayesh’s flower event/competition and submitted my work today. The way it works is this:  you pickup a box with flowers that were chosen by Mayesh, not you. With what you’ve been given you put together an arrangement bearing in mind that the style you’re going for is Every Day flowers. I didn’t love the colors in the box but I did my best. I can’t wait to share the work of some of the applicants. I got a sneak peek of some of the work when I was dropping off and I was blown away!


Drop-dead beauties – dahlias

Dahlias are in full bloom right now and are they beautiful.They have so much mass and look at the color! They are very shabby-chic! I wish you could see these flowers 360 degrees, they are amazing. I picked some up this morning and thought they’d look pretty with this light pink succulent. I am going to plant the succulent in the abalone shell later.

Succulents in shells

Succulents in shells can be really stunning and add a low maintenance, beautiful and beachy element to any home. I did a few myself which I will shoot and share in the next couple days. I hope you enjoy these beautiful images as well. I have a board dedicated to succulents on Pinterest as well.

Also, here is a good link for planting tips.







Magnolias, so sumptuous!

At the park with my daughter the other day I was looking up and noticed a tree that was in full bloom with the most enormous flowers I’ve seen in a long time. This was obviously a very mature tree because it was really, really tall. The blooms had to be closer to the size of basketballs than baseballs. Honestly.

This was a white magnolia tree in full bloom. How I wished I could get some of those blooms off. Since the tree is so high I don’t think most people get to observe the beauty of beauty of the blooms. Well, I guess the birds enjoy them?

There are about 80 species of magnolias and they range in color from purple-lilac to buttery yellow. Sometimes used for sumptuous weddings (the Royals like magnolias) and often used as a flower of sympathy.

I’m now on a quest to get a hold of some of these beautiful blooms and design with them. Right now I’ll just have to look up at the trees!

                                     (via kaitlinmanning on weheartit.com)

Left to right: muffet via flickr, vivaboo.com via pinterest, southerncreations.com via pinterest)

A modern take on garden herbs

Well it is the season. Herbs are popping up in backyards everywhere. It’s always so pleasant to have a bunch of fragrant herbs on display in your home to bring yummy smells and remind us of the season!

I’ve always put herbs into tins, glass milk bottles and sometimes drinking glasses but today I mixed it up a bit and put some of the herbs from my backyard in a uber modern Chive vessel. Fun!

(left to right: Curry Plant, English Lavender, Oregano and Rosemary)

I’ve captured some nice garden herb arrangements to get you thinking about summer!

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